Unable to obtain url for storage location

Unable to Obtain Url for Storage Location. Reason:Invalid Key


We are set-up to perform an XML->flatfile (SAP iDoc) transformation. We have successfully imported the XSD, created the schema and set-up the ruleset.


While executing the Business Process Script we receive an error indicating Unable to Obtain Url for Storage Location. Reason:Invalid Key

EXTOL error message:

2014-12-09 15:48:36,478 FATAL [com.extol.processcontrol.engine2.tasks.TransformTask] There was an unrecoverable error during the transformation step.
Exception detail:
com.extol.storage.exceptions.StorageException: Unable to obtain url for storage location. Reason: invalid key: 5edc847c2fe9414a9de2b154c5e2c098
at com.extol.storage.files.metadata.StorageFileMetadataLocalProxied.getURL(StorageFileMetadataLocalProxied.java:32)
at com.extol.processcontrol.engine2.tasks.TransformTask.a(TransformTask.java:177)
at com.extol.processcontrol.engine2.tasks.TransformTask.c(TransformTask.java:477)
at com.extol.processcontrol.engine2.tasks.TransformTask.b(TransformTask.java:329)
at com.extol.processcontrol.engine2.tasks.TransformTask.doWork(TransformTask.java:125)
at com.extol.processcontrol.engine2.tasks.Topics2Tasks$81.doWork(Topics2Tasks.java:2)


To resolve this issue we had to do the following:

  • Refresh Source XML Schema
  • Re-compile and Save Ruleset

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