Unrecognizable x12 EDI Segments During Unwrap

Unrecognizable x12 EDI Segments During Unwrap


Normally we perform an FTP MGET with our trading partner to receive inbound x12 850s. Recently the networking group changed something on the firewall to cause an error each time we attempt to make a connection.

Each of the EBI FTP Adapters are set-up for ACTIVE connections.


When we attempt to perform an MGET we consistently receive an error, regardless of the FTP trading partner.

EXTOL error message:

Depending on the trading partner, we were receiving a different error but they were all inter-related.

Message ID: 3
Primary: root\msgarea1\BEG - segment in data, not in Meta Data
Category: Connector
Type: Soft_Error
Process ID: 8967
Issued by: com.extol.connectors.ConvertEdiToDocument
Msg file: messages.emf
Issued on: Monday November 17, 2014 9:37:54.509 AM CST


After continuous testing and conversing with the network group, we were still experiencing the FTP errors. After updating the FTP Adapters to PASSIVE mode, the FTP transaction errors went away.

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