Nested Runtime Exception Error

Nested Runtime Exception Error :: AddWriter Owner Already Existed


In The scenario below, we are using EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) 2.x to move database data to another database -- Source: iSeries DB2. Target: Oracle 11g


When we attempt to insert data into the Oracle 11g database, we receive an error: Invalid object name

EXTOL error message:

INFO [STDOUT] org.jboss.util.NestedRuntimeException: addWriter(): owner already existed; - nested throwable: (java.lang.IllegalStateException: addWriter(): owner already existed)
INFO [STDOUT] at org.jboss.cache.TreeCache.invokeMethod(
INFO [STDOUT] at org.jboss.cache.TreeCache.evict(

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) SQL Database Exception Error Invalid Object Name


In the EBI Data Source we need to identify the SCHEMA. Once we updated the schema value in the data source, the SQL insert performed without any issues.

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