DB2 INSERT or UPDATE not allowed by CHECK constraint

DB2 INSERT or UPDATE not allowed by CHECK Constraint


AFter performing a transformation in our business process, we attempt to perform a SQL database insert. While attmpting to do the insert into the MSSQL table we get an error.

The error below is issued when we perform the SQL Insert to the MSSQL JDBC connection.


When MS SQL table was set-up via SQL CREATE command, an identity column was created.

EXTOL error message:

Step #4: Execute Adapter: insert using F4780 Prod Schema

[INFO] - Starting Comm
[INFO] - Invoking Interface Adapter.
[INFO] - Name : JDE F03012Z1 (CRPDTA)
[INFO] - Version : 2.0
[INFO] - Interaction : Insert
[INFO] - [email protected]
[INFO] - JDBC Resource Adapter is executing a batch with 233 rows.
[ERROR] - SQLException:
Message : [SQL0545] INSERT or UPDATE not allowed by CHECK constraint.
State : 23513
Error Code : -545


The criteria for all constraints on a file must be met before INSERT and UPDATE functions are allowed.

The CHECK constraints for a specific file can be viewed by running the DSPFD command. To view constraint command type GO CMDCST.

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