Update EXTOL Schema Ruleset for SDQ Segment

Update EXTOL Schema Ruleset for SDQ Segment

In our example we are going to update an inbound 850 Schema and the respective ruleset, using this schema. By updating the two objects, EXTOL will know to treat each SDQ pair as a unique composite rule.

  • Locate inbound 850 ruleset and position to SDQ segment.
  • Once SDQ segment is located, "Find" the SDQ03 element
  • IN the right panel, Choose the tab called option "Constraints" and locate field: Node Group
  • In field: "Node Group" add the text "SDQ"
  • Perform the same steps for SDQ element: SDQ04

  • Save Schema and CONFIRM overwriting existing EXTOL Schema
  • Proceed to open EXTOL ruleset that uses same inbound 850 EXTOL Schema we just updated
  • In the EXTOL 850 ruleset, refresh EXTOL Source Schema from the "Tools" drop down menu
  • Once the Source Schema has been updated, Compile and Save EXTOL Ruleset.
  • Create a new Composite Rule for the SDQ segment
  • Under the the new Composite Rule for the SDQ segment, create a new Node Grouping Composite Rule
  • Under the the newly created Node Grouping Composite Rule, here is where we will create individual tasks for each pair set of SDQ elements.

Note: These same steps can be done for other EDI pair sets such as PO107/PO108, PO109/PO110 and etc.

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